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Problems with universal HR practices

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Discuss what is meant by the phrase ""there is no effective Universal Model for Global Human Resources Management HRM"" ?

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Human resources and management is an evolving practice and as companies grow and change, it makes it difficult to find universal practices. This has many different reasons. There are universal ideas in human resources such as hire the best person for the job, offer wages that keep employees working, create policies that advance the company and its strategic plans while making sure employees are getting the benefits they need. However for companies, the first problem occurs when trying to identify talent, company needs, and how to hire and fire to reach company goals.
Since every company has different needs, this can mean approaches that are varied. A retail shop or company has much different needs and requirements than a manufacturer. Place these two companies in different regions or different parts of the world, it becomes more difficult to find common practices. ...

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An explanation why HR practices is not more universal in nature and what components may be preventing more universal policies and practices.

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