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Department of Labor Overview of Services

You are a High school Counselor and you have just been asked to prepare a presentation outlining 5 services that the Department of Labor offers to employers and employees for your staff. Visit the Department of Labor Web site in your state. Discuss and analyze at least five services that the Department of Labor provides to employers or employees. Explain why you picked these five services over other possible services. Include in your analysis a summary of each service, the important information provided to an employee or employer, and what other important links were provided.

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The California Department of Labor offers many services for to help employees. Here is information about some:

Online job seeker (http://www.edd.ca.gov/Jobs_and_Training/Online_Job_Center.htm)
The Department of Labor will help employees find a job. This is a good tool that helps individuals with tips for building their resume, assessing their skills to find an appropriate job, help locating job fairs and workshops. It also offers a site for employers to post job listings, and for job seekers to view job openings, create and post resumes, and look for training. One can look for a job by keyword or location.
Furthermore, there is information on how to meet unemployment claim requirements.

Employment Training
This program that provides financial assistance to ...

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