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Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Overview

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I need to present an overview of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Included needs to be the history, years in existence, overview of current industries and product lines, last year's annual sales or fiscal report or persons served, and any other relevant information.


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Human Services Agency Overview


The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is an agency under umbrella of the state's Department of Health. This department had been in place in Pennsylvania since 1905 hence the tagline, "Better Lives since 1905". According to the Department's website (2010),

"The Department of Health was created by the Act of April 27, 1905, P.L. 312, and modified subsequently through the Administrative Code of 1929. Of recent significance, Act 87 of July 2, 1996, P.L. 518, removed the requirement that the Secretary be a physician; the Act also established the new position of Physician General. The Department of Health has touched every citizen in all parts of the Commonwealth. Through the use of community-based strategies, the Department of Health has successfully reduced the number of serious illnesses, injuries and deaths due to major health threats; tobacco-related diseases; infectious disease; and accidental injuries."

Now, the Human Services Aspect of the department has grown over the years according to demand, social and political progression. The more 'human' and 'social' aspect of the issue is removed from the much more 'medical' side via specializations of agencies and ...

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