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    Discussing the Pennsylvania Ecosystem

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    Describe the ecosystem in Pennsylvania in terms of plant life, animal life, and geology. What populations and communities are present? How dependent is Pennsylvania on this ecosystem? What are the limiting factors of the ecosystem?

    Hopefully someone can lead me in the right direction. I appreciate all of your input.
    Thanks in advance.

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    First we need to identify what kinds for ecosystems are at play in PA. A quick yahoo search brought back an interesting article about the forest ecosystems that make up 58% of PA's land area (ref1). It contains some great statistics on the forestry in PA as well as income generation. Forestry products contribute $15 billion to the states economy annually. The article goes on to talk about the challenges to the forest ecosystem of PA such as invasion of non-native species, fragmentation and deer over-abundance. Some general information about PA's forestry ecosystem can be found at http://www.hlma.org/pennswoods/overview/ecosystem.htm. To read about the impact of climate change on PA see the second attachment. There are over 25,000 different species that call PA home (ref 3). Governmental and state websites are a good place to look for more information about PA's ecosystems as well as the plants and animals of the state (ref. 4, 5, 6). Did you know that there are 58,200 farms in ...

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