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Multiple Choice: Arbitration Fees and Union Elections

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The following two questions are answered by providing a synopsis of each topic, along with a reference:

Based on the most currently reported data by the American Arbitration Association (www.adr.org ) and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (www.fmcs.gov) , you should factor all but one of the following into your budget. Which one is incorrect?
a. 50% of an arbitrator's daily fee
b. Administrative fees up to $225
c. 50% of the travel expenses for the arbitrator
d. 100% of the witnesses' expenses
e. $600 court waiver fee

The Ohio-based company is covered by the NLRA. The CEO has heard rumblings that the employees may not be satisfied and are looking for representation. The CEO asked you, "If a union files a petition for an election by the end of January, would the election occur before or after we negotiate a new agreement with our overseas partner next June? Assume the election would be a standard process without complications. Based on 2012 data, you respond that the election would likely occur in:
a. March
b. May
c. July
d. August

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1) E. In the attached article on the cost benefits of arbitration over other forms of legal battles, court fees can vary greatly. Out of all the options provided, specifying a dollar amount of $600 as a "set" court waiver fee appears to be incorrect. Depending on the jurisdiction, this fee may be lower - or perhaps even higher. The organization would know which court its arbitration case would be filed within; and would also ...

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This solution explains two multiple choice questions; citing references for each one. The first explains what should be included for budgeting purposes of arbitration costs. The second question explains how soon an election may occur when employees decide to form a union. Collectively, this solution is over 250 words and includes two references.