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ADR and Court-annexed Arbitration

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1. The form of ADR called court-annexed arbitration:

a) Requires that a judge act as arbitrator.
b) Requires that the arbitration follow the same procedures as would be followed in a regular civil case.
c) Is a hybrid of mediation and arbitration.
d) Involves the diversion of state trial court cases into arbitration.

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This solution provides the best answer for one multiple-choice question in regards to ADR and Court-Annexed Arbitration. Supplemented with one supporting article for further reading.

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Although (c) is fairly general, it appears to be the best answer.

This appears to be a tricky question (i.e., especially using the word diversion in one of the possible answers), and a question that is asking for the MOST correct or BEST answer. Meaning, that there are two possible right answers, but one is the BEST.

Let's take this one step further.

Doing multiple-choice questions is often a process of elimination.

The first answer (a) is incorrect as the arbitrator does not have to a judge, ...

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