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Employee's Willingness to Engage Labor Union & Union Benefit

-Employees might respond to workplace injustice in one of five ways: quitting, individual voice (such as complaining), collective voice (including forming a union), resistance (including work withdrawal such as absenteeism, reduced work effort, and work avoidance, or perhaps even sabotage), and silence. How might union strategies, managerial strategies, and the external environment shape which response an individual worker chooses?-

It is my opinion that each individual makes a determination on how her or she would resolve a workplace injustice incident based on the circumstance of the event, the individuals personals "important" factor, for example, family income mortgage ect. This may explain or at least include external environment may shape an individuals decision to commit sabotage and or be silent. Most individuals choose not to leave their jobs, if they have these obligatory circumstances. Lots of people are without jobs are not the only ones who are frustrated with their economic situation. Even those who do have jobs are suffering under unfair working conditions, poor pay, and uncaring employers. We're working harder and longer, and most of us are still struggling to make ends meet. http://www.americanrightsatwork.org/

-What else might affect whether workplace injustice causes an individual to support a labor union over the other options for dealing with injustice?-

The right to retain your job, simply put,job security. Security as secure can be. It is important to know that you can not be fired without just cause, or be replaced by the boss' nephew.Most Union contracts establish strict rules about job security and the condition under which layoffs or reductions in the workforce take place. This makes sure that everyone is treated fairly , and that no one is discriminated against for voicing an opinion on he job or for insisting on adherence to the terms of the contract.

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1. The manner in which both the union and management intereact and deal with employees also affects the employees' response. If the employee feels he is being lied to, or led astray by either the union or management, he will act accordingly. Also, the general reaction of the workforce to ...

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This solution discusses factors that might affect an employee's willingness to support a labor union over other options for dealing with justice. It also discusses benefits a labor union offers.