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    Union strategies in organizing drives

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    -In a concise paragraph, paraphrase what you have learned about union strategies in organizing drives to describe the strategies to a new union organizer.

    Organizing drives for a new union requires multiple steps and must carefully analyzed the need in order to be successful and righteous in forming a union in a work environment. Part of the process requires three significant players that play a major key role in organizing a union representation: the workers, a union, and an employer. The most common type of this activity is the employee-organizing drive.

    The effort to organize begins by employee representative requesting a union to visit the employee's work place and begin soliciting for members. The union might initiate the membership drive and actively use their benefit factors to get the attention and vote of the workers. As established by National Labor Relation Board, the union must secure voting cards from the employees it wishes to represent. If the union can demonstrate that a majority of employees, more than 50%, in the appropriate unit support the union, then, the union can be certified as the exclusive bargaining representative of everyone in the bargaining unit without an election. Or, in the case of New Hampshire public employee (http://www.unh.edu/hr/Union-Q-and-A-2011.htm), that 30% of the employee had signed union petitions; then, the union can petition the NH Public Employee Labor Relations Board to hold an election to determine whether or not employee in the appropriate unit wish to be represented by the union.

    The bottom line is, the more signatures in the authorization card, the greater the chances for victory.

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