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    The Union-Organizing Process

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    Describe the union-organizing process.
    Outline the steps in the collective bargaining process.
    Describe the fears and best opportunities about being an effective supervisor, and steps taken toward understanding and applying principles of communication and collaborative relationships.

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    Union-organizing process:
    A union is simply an employee organization?protected by law, where a group of workers joins together to improve and guarantee their wages, benefits and working conditions. An employer has 100% control over its employees without union. Following are the steps of union-organizing process:
    Step 1 Build an Organizing committee: The first step in union-organizing process is the formation of an organizing committee. Leaders are identified. This committee represents all major departments and all shifts etc of the organization. Committee has people who are motivated and feel strongly enough about working under a union contract. They motivate the rest of the employees to join the committee.
    Step 2 Making the List: After committee formation, the people in the union create the list. This list contains information about the employees such as names, phone numbers, emails, and home addresses. List also includes the information on the employees' roles in the workplace: job classifications, departments, and shifts.
    Step 3 Adopt an Issue Program: The organizing committee develops a program of union demands or the issues that people want to change. A plan for highlighting the issues program carried out through various campaign activities.
    Step 4 Sign-Up Majority on Union Cards: After having committee and programs, the committee members will make sure that their co-workers support ...

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