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difficult labor relations

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Identify a post-2005 example of difficult labor relations, either in your state or in an area of business that interests you.
- Summarize the labor challenge, and explain the role any government agencies have played or could play.
- Include information about any legal actions taken in the dispute.
- Incorporate an analysis of the legal and ethical issues involved, as well as your conclusions about how a successful outcome could have been, or could be achieved.

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The labor challenge identified by me is that the members of the International Union Health care Minnesota are set to vote on whether to authorize a strike at five Minnesota hospitals due to an unfair labor practice grievance. If the 3,500 member union goes on strike, it will affect the staff at Fairview, Children's, Health East, North Memorial and Park Nicollet hospitals for about five days. The problem is that health care workers and hospitals have not been able to reach a new contract settlement and the hospitals have continued to propose changes that would alter how hospital workers are able to earn an income or to secure financial stability for their families. If the proposed changes were pushed through the lowest paid employees and their families who depend on their jobs would go into poverty. The voting is for whether 3,500 members of the Service Employees International Union Healthcare Minnesota should go on a 2-5 day Unfair Labor Practices strike(SEIU Minnesota State Council 2012),.
The government agency that can look into the matter is the National Labor Relations Board. This is the federal agency that deals with the administering of the National Labor Relations Act. If there are unfair labor practices, the NLRB ...

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