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Defining a relevant labor market in the insurance industry

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You are a compensation analyst for Worry-Not Insurance Company, which is located in Hartford, Connecticut. Define the relevant labor market for insurance claims adjusters and for data entry clerks. Describe the rationale for your definitions.

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Defining the relevant labor market for both insurance claims adjusters and data entry clerks.

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The relevant labor market would be other insurance companies within the Hartford, Connecticut region. By simply conducting an internet search of "Insurance AND Hartford, many listings appear (Allstate, State Farm, Phoenix Life Insurance Company and Nationwide). This reflects there is a healthy industry that has competitors advertising within the same region; and also provides options for employees who work within these two fields. Although it is not specified what type of insurance Worry-Not provides (auto, home, life, disability, etc.); my approach to defining the relevant labor market for Claims Adjusters would be to conduct a comparable analysis of other companies in the region that offer the same type of ...

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