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Strikes Protected by NRLA

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Not all forms of strikes are protected by the NLRA. What types are protected? Unprotected? Does this make sense, or should all types of strikes be treated equally?-

Economic strikes, unfair labor strikes, Recognition strikes, Sympathy strikes are a maybe and Wildcat strikes are occasionally. These are the ones that are protected by the NLRA. A unionized employee's right to reinstatement after a strike ends varies based on the type of strike and the underlying reason for the strike. Employers are allowed to higrre replacement workers during unfair labor practice strikes and economic strikes.

Jurisdictional strikes are prohibited by the NLRA, so unions can be ordered to cease and desist from such strikes, which makes it not protected. The other strike that is not protected is Noneconomic strikes. Noneconomic strikes are strikes over permissive bargaining items during contract negations. The NRLA protects worker's efforts to improve only their wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment. The employees should consider essential and must use arbitration instead of striking. I think there should be equality to all the strikes. From a moral point of view, strikes should be equally treated equally with the same treatmen, opportunities, an rights.

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I disagree with the post. The NLRA is correct in categorizing strikes as either fair or unfair and having limitations. The NLRA has deemed unfair labor practice strikes, economic strikes, recognition strikes and jurisdictional strikes as protected. However, ...

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