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    Business Philosophy and Ethics

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    Ethics and Professional Standards

    To what extent do ethics and professional standards apply to project management, especially in cultures which may not share the same values as the host culture? For example, how does a multi-national firm with global projects across the world in multiple cultures determine what acceptable ethics and professional standards apply

    Business Ethics, Virtue Ethics and Source Evaluation

    In a 2-3 page SLP, please do the following: Locate the following articles in the TUI Library using ProQuest (or EBSCO if you cannot find in ProQuest). Then, using the Cornell University website as a guide, perform a critical evaluation of each article or source, explaining why each of the articles or sources below is a scholarl

    Discrimination in the Workplace and Business Ethics

    I need help constructing a response that demonstrates effective communication skills, research competence, and technology fluency. Information to also include: thesis/ or topic statement, body with six or seven paragraphs and conclusion on business ethical issue to do with discrimination in the workplace Please send in Wo

    Ethics and Subliminal Persuasion

    Assuming that some forms of subliminal persuasion may have the desired effect of influencing consumers, do you think the use of these techniques is ethical? Explain your answer.

    Deontological Ethics: In Business

    Explore the means by which deontological ethics may be used as a useful theoretical lens through which an organization's sense of business ethics may be critically assessed. 1) Briefly describe the Adelphia Communications scandal. 2) Identify and discuss two (2) key ethical problems raised by the Adelphia Communications

    Responsibility and Role of Defense Attorneys 310 word essay with reference

    Unlike the role of the prosecutor, defense attorneys are often considered enemies of the state and society. Defense attorneys are considered enemies of society because they represent defendants in criminal cases against government, society, and individuals. In order to be a defense attorney, one must possess high moral and ethic

    Ethics, Accounting, and Business

    -Identify two reasons why accounting is important for business. Justify your selections. -Evaluate the importance of ethics in accounting. Defend your evaluation. -Analyze the importance of having a good understanding of accounting. What implications does a lack of understanding have for business? -Determine the best w

    Technology and Responsibility: Reflections on the New Task

    Read the article "Technology and Responsibility: Reflections on the New Task of Ethics" by Hans Jonas, printed in Philosophical Essays, 1974, Prentice-Hall. Identify what you consider the most important or interesting (or controversial, or wrong-headed) concept, assertion, argument, or conclusion in Jonas' text. (a) What is the

    Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper

    Find two or three articles that address financial reporting practices and ethical standards in health care finance, including Generally accepted accounting principles and Corporate compliance, ethics, or fraud and abuse. Discuss the financial management of health care organizations and integrate your research articles. Inclu

    Leadership Philosophy

    Dear OTA, I would like to ask your assistance in leadership types (autocratic, democratic & laissez-faire). I want to add about 4 pages to my report answering the following problems, with subtitles for me to follow along, any in text citations and references the problems I am addressing are: 1. Analyze the leadership style f

    Ethics Within Leadership.

    Week 6 Analyse the importance of ethics within leadership while also discussing the difficulty of identifying those ideas and elements that characterise an 'ethical leader'. What contributions does this week's journal article make to identifying unethical practices and their effects? Article: Leadership, Ethics and Resp

    Leadership Ethics and Transformational Leadership.

    Using pages 444-447 in the Leadership pdf, complete the Perceived Leader Integrity Scale (PLIS) as a follower by circling the numbers that best describe your perceptions of a current or former leader's behavior. Follow the scoring directions on page 447 to measure your perceptions of your leader. Then share your perception about

    Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Dear Xenia, Please perform a critical analysis of two organizations and their application of business ethics. Required resources: Download the Anglo-American and Primark case studies using the following links: http://www.thetimes100.co.uk/new-downloads-pop.php?getFile=YW5nbG9fYW1lcmljYW4vYW5nbG9fYW1lcmljYW5fMTNfZnVsbC5wZ

    Article Analysis: Leadership, Ethics and Responsibility to the Other

    i am looking for an analysis of the importance of ethics within leadership while also discussing the difficulty of identifying those ideas and elements that characterize an 'ethical leader'. What contributions does the article attached make to identifying unethical practices and their effects? Reference Knights, D., & O'L

    Ethics Policy

    Ethical describes the company's internal "do" and "do not" policies. Regulatory describes the regulations for a particular field; what the associations believe is okay or not okay. This may include global governing bodies and boards such as the bar association for lawyers and medical associations for doctors. Legal describ

    Professional Workplace Dilemma and Ethics

    I need assistance in preparing an analysis on a professional dilemma (can be fictional) and conflict management experience. Describe the experience: *What ethical issues did you experience? *Who was involved? Use only first names or initials. *What was the relationship of the other parties to you? Analyze the dilemma:

    Treaded Discussion - Ethics and Organizational Culture

    At one time or another, all of us have read about, heard of, or even witnessed ethical or unethical behaviors on the part of business people (or worse, on the part of entire organizations). Describe one such instance that you can recall or which you may have familiarity with (again, this may be a well-known event or it may be on

    Information Security and Ethics

    In this assignment you are expected to fill out the following table in a document: Security Threat Description of the security threat and its impact to organizations. Provide an example. What can organizations do to keep their information secure from each threat? Make sure you discuss both: technology tools (software or ha

    Deontological Ethics, Utilitarian Ethics, & Virtue Ethics

    Using one of the three ethical approaches we studied in Module 1-3 (Deontological Ethics, Utilitarian Ethics, & Virtue Ethics), describe the ethics of this situation (Ford Company's decision) in the context of the benefits - and the costs in the article in the attached file.

    Business, Ethics and Information Technology important aspect to improving the overall product performance based on accounting principles based on professional behavior objectivity.

    1) What are some of the more common challenges and how might they be overcome? You may want to focus on one industry such as an accounting firm. 2) What would you identify as the most common, or most egregious forms of unethical behavior relative to business use of IT? What should be appropriate terms of redress? 3) Do you fee

    Leaving a Memo on Ethics in Preparation for a Sabbatical

    Imagine that you are a CEO of an organization, which has offered you the chance to take a six month sabbatical, all expenses paid. You will not be able to communicate with anyone at your workplace while you are away-not by letter, phone, fax, e-mail, or any other means. However, before you depart, you need to ensure that those w

    Ethics Discussion: Mechanical Problem with an Airline

    Oh, the price you pay Suppose that a jet mechanic working for a major airline - we'll call the airline "AirXYZ" - finds a rather serious instrument wiring problem. The mechanic alerts management that the wiring problem is serious enough that it would cause the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ground the entire fleet o