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    Business Philosophy and Ethics

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    Strategic Management

    Some companies have been known to extensively interview managers with key competitors for executive positions that do not exist. How is this practice a violation of the Judeo-Christian religious view of ethics?

    Ethics Training Program Memorandum

    You are a high level manager for a corporation that has recently expanded into the global market. You have been asked to manage an interdepartmental team that will help you create a global ethics training program. Imagine that your team has very little, if any, experience with ethics training or international management. Create

    Whistle Blowing and Ethics Hotline

    What is whistle blowing, and why is it important to the study of business ethics? Provide details. Discuss the reasons why an employee would refrain from reporting potentially unethical behavior within his/her organization? Should a corporation establish an ethics hotline? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having one.

    Corporate Ethics Officer - Job Description

    You have been asked by your CEO to recruit for a new position: corporate ethics officer. Prepare a job description for this new position. In the job description, make sure to discuss the role the ethics officer will play in the company as well as the qualifications this individual must hold.

    Business Ethics - Cookie Storage

    There are numerous examples of ethical dilemmas dealing with the privacy of customers. As the textbook states, using cookies is a common way of monitoring preferences of customers and potential customers. Companies' websites gather and store information about its customers through cookies. Do you agree with this business practic

    Ethics of an Unsanitary Environment

    The Scenario: In performing an audit at a local Trauma I hospital. I was asked to wait for the Chief Nursing Officer in a patient waiting room that was filthy with unwrapped, uneaten food, paper on the floor and a set of patient discharge instructions that included protected health information (PHI). Numerous staff personnel w

    Comparing Codes of Ethics with the American Nurses Association

    I need help in researching a code of ethics on websites for professional organizations from non-related nursing fields such as engineering, law enforcement, education or journalism. I need help in comparing the chosen ethical code to the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics located at: http://www.nursingworld.org/Ma

    Understanding Utalitarian, Deontological and Virtue Ethics

    I need help and guidance in developing a critical analysis of business ethics and virtue ethics. in reference to this case. Background: Find and read the following journal article in the Library: Sethi, S., Veral, E., Shapiro, H., & Emelianova, O.. (2011). Mattel, Inc.: Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) - A Life-Cycle

    Business Research Ethics

    Find an article that discusses unethical business research conduct that has resulted in individuals or a firm being convicted, or at least tried for, this conduct. Some examples include the following: - Asking inappropriate questions - Skewing research results - Failing to maintain participants' confidential information

    Ethic Models for Accountants

    While codes of ethics may provide guidelines for employees, including accountants, these guidelines may not offer the methods to follow for moral reasoning when confronted with ethical issues when performing accounting duties. Alternative models to assist accountants have evolved to assist them in making morally sound judgments.


    Many bioethical choices that leaders must make require a combination of intuition and objective, critical thinking. If a leader needs to make a decision that does not have a legal basis, what criteria can be used to feel confident that the decision is appropriate?

    Virtue Ethics and Consequentialism

    What are the major differences between the theories of virtue ethics and consequentialism? Which one of these theories is most aligned to your personal beliefs?

    Ethics, Morality, Virtues and Values

    One of your friends uses the terms ethics and morality interchangeably. You do not think this is correct. How would you explain the difference between ethics and morality? Provide an example of morality and one of ethics in your explanation. What are examples of virtues, values, and moral concepts? How do each of these relat

    Are Workplace Ethics Important?

    Identify and discuss the importance of ethics in the workplace. What do you think the business world would be like without them? Why?

    Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility

    Dr. DoRight has recently been hired as the President of the "Universal Human Care Hospital", where he oversees all departments with over 5,000 employees and over 20,000 patients at the medical facility. He has been provided with a broad set of duties and oversight of numerous departments, including business development, customer

    Duska and Duska in "Ethics in Auditing:The Auditing Function"

    Duska and Duska in "Ethics in Auditing:The Auditing Function" defend the rather demanding position that, based upon Kant's universalizability principle, auditors must avoid even the perception of conflict of interest. Begin by providing the best possible explanation/defense of their arguments leading to their conclusion. Next ex

    Business Ethics Prescriptions

    Prescription drug companies advertise on radio and television. Do you believe that it is ethical for drug companies to advertise directly to consumers?

    Ethics and Accounting: Is Ashton's (Amy's) conduct ethical?

    Ashton Martin (Amy Martinez) is a student who plans to attend approximately four professional events a year at her college. Each event necessitates a financial outlay of $100 to $200 for a new suit and accessories. After incurring a major hit to her savings for the first event, Ashton developed a different approach. She buys the

    ethics in the way of corporate profitability

    1. Do you believe ethics gets in the way of corporate profitability? Why or why not? Support your answer with appropriate examples. 2. Provide your arguments for or against each of the following ethical issues. Remember to provide appropriate examples and other material to support your arguments. Is it ethical for tobacc

    Ethics: Mil-Tech Manufacturing Company

    See the attachment. Please study the example attached in which Mil-Tech Manufacturing Company is facing a bottleneck in its production line in painting process. Questions (Please answer in detail in complete sentences and in paragraph form): 1. What would you recommend to Mr. Camillo Garcia, the Mil-Tech's safety and hea

    Business Ethics, hypothethical questions

    When measuring moral dilemmas, Kohlberg suggests the use of hypothetical dilemmas & Straughan disagrees stating hypothetical dilemmas do not evoke the same reactions. Which is more useful in measuring managers moral reasoning and why?

    Polycentric, Ethnocentric, and Geocentric approaches to staffing - Define the polycentric, ethnocentric, and geocentric approaches to staffing. - Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each for international company staffing. - If you were responsible for expanding a business overseas, which of the staffing approaches would you use? Why?

    I need help answering the following questions in 250 words or more. Please use APA formatting when assisting and list all references, if any are used. - Define the polycentric, ethnocentric, and geocentric approaches to staffing. - Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each for international company staffing.