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    ethics in the way of corporate profitability

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    1. Do you believe ethics gets in the way of corporate profitability? Why or why not? Support your answer with appropriate examples.

    2. Provide your arguments for or against each of the following ethical issues. Remember to provide appropriate examples and other material to support your arguments.

    Is it ethical for tobacco manufacturers to advertise cigarettes in association with actors demonstrating an exciting, wealthy lifestyle?
    Is it ethical for fast food restaurants to advertise high-fat foods such as hamburgers and french fries in association with free toys and playgrounds?

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    // Business ethics help business organizations to perform morally. This paper will discuss whether ethics get in the way of corporate responsibility and the reason for supported argument. This part of paper will discuss that corporate profits do not get in the way of corporate profitability instead they increase it.//

    Business ethics are the moral implications on business which must be followed by them to behave in accordance with the law. Business ethics are the moral responsibilities of business organizations. Ethical behavior involves the avoidance of such performance which is bad for company's picture and goodwill. Ethics generally do not come in the way of corporate profitability rather they sometimes help in increasing the company's profitability. Following business ethics and corporate social responsibility will create an image of the company in the market which in turn brings high sales for the company (Daud, 2007).

    Good image in the marketplace will help the company in attracting superior personnel. It is important for the long term growth of the company. Good and positive public policies will not only attract personnel but it will also attract pool of customers. For example, the manufacturer of health care, personal care products or baby products will try to defend the public of the company that poses customer health and customer prosperity ahead of corporate profits (Daud, 2007).

    Working with ethical behavior will also help the company in minimizing the government regulations. The companies working unethically and following unethical means will probably face more ...

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    Ethics in the way of corporate profitability are explained. Arguments for/against each of the ethical issues provides are given.