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    Business Ethics And Profitability

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    In the global economy there are many strong ties between corporate ethics and profit. McMurrian and Matulich offer this hypothesis, "In fact, a reputation for ethical business activities can be a major source of competitive advantage" (2006, p. 11).

    Conduct research to validate the statement made above by McMurrian and Matulich.

    Results of your research to include at least one company that has successfully applied their ethics or values with profitable results and one company that has lost profit dollars when they have acted in non-compliance with their ethics.

    Comment on how this research applies to your current employer or one that you have worked for in the past.

    Comment on how this research will increase the effectiveness of your simulation team's decision-making.

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    One company that has successfully applied the ethics and values with profitable results has been Chick-fil-A. This is due to the fact that this company bases a great deal of its principles upon Christian ethical values, and these ethics and values are transferred throughout the organization, by making strong ethics and values a foundation of new employee orientation and training. Due to these factors, the leadership and staff within this organization always treat their customers with courtesy and ...

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