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Are Workplace Ethics Important?

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Identify and discuss the importance of ethics in the workplace. What do you think the business world would be like without them? Why?

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Explanation of workplace ethics and the importance of them are included in this response as well as what would the world of business be without ethics.

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First let me explain what workplace ethics involve. Successful businesses recognize the need for ethics in the workplace and address this with the company code of ethics. These include fair treatment of employees, honesty in the methods that the company deals with customers, suppliers and even competitors.

Businesses' need well established operational procedures if they are going to succeed. Within these operational procedures of most organizations is a code of ethics. A code of ethics has three basic segments. These segments are legal, moral and professional.
I am sure you are aware that businesses and their employees have to abide by federal and state laws and this is most likely to be the foundation of their ethical code. For example a company that produces written products most likely will have a plagiarism clause included in their code of ethics. But not being so specific every organization in order to be in compliance with legal requirements is going to observe equal opportunity regardless of sex, race, religion or ...

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