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    Ethics in the workplace

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    I need help answering these review questions. They should be 200-300 words a piece.

    1. Is the concern about Ethics in the workplace relevant?

    2. What are the sources for obtaining industry norms to compare financial ratios? What limitation should the analyst be aware of when using industry comparisons?

    3. Why might a large corporation want to raise long-term capital through a private placement rather than a public offering?

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    1. Is the concern about Ethics in the workplace relevant?

    Yes, the concern about ethic sin the workplace is absolutely relevant both from legal as well as ethical perspective and from the perspective of maintaining a good corporate image in the eyes of stakeholders and external public. Let us understand this in detail.

    In today's business world, stringent laws and regulations related to ensuring strong corporate governance, such as Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 in the areas of financial reporting, has made it important that companies adhere to strict ethical standards to avoid manipulations, fraud or other unethical practices in the organization and thus, ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Ethics is also important at the workplace to avoid issues pertaining to violation of various human resources and labor laws.

    Further, organizations are concerned about compliance with highest quality ethical standards to ensure that the trust of numerous stakeholders, such as shareholders, vendors, etc. and consumers remains intact and the company enjoys a positive corporate image of a responsible corporate citizen in the ...

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    Is the concern about Ethics in the workplace relevant?