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Value and Ethics

Explain Value and Ethics.

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Values are hypothetical thought of what we think is good or important. They direct the way we feel and act about certain ideas, things, situations, and people. They are principles which lead us decisions and actions. Ethics and values are different; ethics is to do with behavior values have to do with people's beliefs. Values are the cause, while ethics are the effect. A person's ethical behavior may actually be in conflict with his values, creating what psychologists call cognitive dissonance. While this incongruence results in discomfort to the individual, others witnessing unethical behavior may conclude that the behavior is reflective of the person's values.

Sometimes peers influence could go either way. Thus values describe what your management team really cares about. What it holds dear. What "makes 'em tick." How do your managers respond to a trade-off between product quality and profit? In Corporate the top management or board of Directors plays an important role in forming values of the ...

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Values and ethics are explained.