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    Ethics- Mil-Tech Manufacturing Company

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    Please study the example attached in which Mil-Tech Manufacturing Company is facing a bottleneck in its production line in painting process.

    Questions (Please answer in detail in complete sentences and in paragraph form):
    1. What would you recommend to Mr. Camillo Garcia, the Mil-Tech's safety and health manager?
    2. How do you think is the best approach to deal with such problem? Explain why you are recommending such approach.
    3. Think of other approaches (more than one) to deal with the problem, and explain them separately.

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    1. What would you recommend to Mr. Camillo Garcia, the Mil-Tech's safety and health manager?

    I believe that ethically and morally Camillo Garcia should advise management that he was informed of the paint that was being purchased. As the safety and health manager, it is his duty to oversee these types of projects and the fact that he was excluded purposely is a clear indication that the same is being done to undercut what is best overall for the company. Although a profit may be made on this project, the long term effects could be disastrous for the company. If an employee is harmed by the paint, in the long term, both Camillo Garcia and the company could be sued for wrongful death and other more serious crimes. Further, if he is obligated to, (I am not sure how unions work in terms of what management is required to provided ...

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