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    Business Philosophy and Ethics

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    Implementing and Auditing Ethics Programs

    Hi, I need assistance answering the following questions. I am having some difficulty getting started. Questions: 1. Do all organizations need an ethics audit program? 2. What is the difference between ethics audit and a social audit? 3. What are the benefits and challenges of an ethics audit program? 4. What is an organ

    Developing a Code of Ethics

    Analyze a code of ethics for two companies of your choice. Determine the components that are important to include in the development of a code of ethics.

    Responsibility, Authority and Decision-Making: This solution involves a case study in which a patient is supposed to have blood drawn but lab workers do not have a system for getting work done. It explains how responsibility and authority affect getting work done. It also utilizes the nine step decision making process to determine how to come up with a solution.

    This solution involves a case study (attached) in which a patient is supposed to have blood drawn but lab workers do not have a system for getting work done. It explains how responsibility and authority affect getting work done. It also utilizes the nine step decision making process to determine how to come up with a solution.

    Code of Ethics of Organizations

    Your task is to create an original Code of Ethics for your company or organization. (Outline attached) Your task is to create an original Code of Ethics for a fictitious company or organization (fictional child care center, preferably, as I have written on this topic before. In your company Code of Ethics, please include the fol

    Ethics, Morals, and Common Business Practices

    1. Describe the difference between ethics, morals, and common business practices and how it relates to running a company and securing its infrastructure. 2. Describe the 4th amendment versus security in maintaining a company infrastructure and remaining open for business. 3. Describe how the Take-Grant model works? Which

    Outline for a Business Ethics Program

    You and some friends want to start a management consulting company with nonprofits as your customers. You estimate that the company will employ 15-20 people. Your clients likely will be using government sources for funds to pay for your services and so you feel an ethics program would be useful. Create an ethics program out

    Non-Profit Ethics and Accountability

    1. Please respond to the following: With reference to at least one specific nonprofit case study, develop an informed response to these and other related questions as you consider the characteristics of nonprofit management: * Do ethics play a special role in nonprofits? * For what should nonprofits be held accountable? *

    Defining Truth

    Hi, I need some assistance with the following question. I know that it relates to topics I have been learning in class (and you do not know all of what we learn in class), but I just need some ideas to get started. Question: We like to think we know the truth. Certainly classes like this are designed to help us think about t

    The Importance of Ethic Programs and Employee Training

    What is the importance of ethic programs and employee training? Why is it important to implement an ethics program in the workplace? What are the important components of an ethical program? How would you bring awareness and communications about ethics to an organization in which you are employed?

    Ethics in Corporate America

    I need help with the following: Imagine that you are a shareholder of two large corporations: one whose leadership was just involved in very public questionable business practices and the other whose leadership is involved in high-profile social responsibility programs. Write a report to the board of directors of the first co

    Ethics Case - Uncollectible Accounts

    You have recently been hired as the assistant controller for Stanton Industries. Your immediate supervisor is the controller, who in turn, reports to the vice president of finance. The controller has assigned you the task of preparing the year-end adjustments. For receivables, you have prepared an aging of accounts receivable an

    Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct: Sunny Energy, Tisk & Field

    Q7-16 (Accepting the engagement) Sunny Energy applications Co. sells solar-powered swimming pool heaters. Sunny contracts 100 percent of the work to other companies As Sunny is a new company, its balance sheet has total assets of $78,000, including $24,000 of "stock subscriptions receivable." The largest asset is $42,000 wort

    If a person is knowledgeable about ethics, does this automatically make them an ethical person? This analysis looks at how a person can have obvious ethical education, yet behavior in a manner that is completely unethical; even unmoral. The solution is about 300 words.

    This solution looks at whether a connection exists between having knowledge about ethics and acting ethically. The specific textbook questions are: How do you explain the fact that morally evil people can be highly educated in terms of ethics and religion? In other words, how do you account for the gap that sometimes occurs b

    Business Ethics: BP Deepwater Horizon and the business ethics and corporate social responsibility involved in the BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill. It identifies stakeholders that were affected, and how this crisis will affect BP's strategic plans

    In April 2010, the explosion on the British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon drilling rig killed 11 workers and injured 17 others. The rig continued to gush oil into the Gulf of Mexico until it was capped on July 15, 2010. The well was declared effectively dead by the United States federal government on September 19, 2010. By th

    Debate - Whose Responsibility Is It To Prescribe Values?

    Debating the question, "Must a set of values be prescribed by the state or federal government and taught in schools or must the teaching of values be the responsibility of the families?" Taking the negative stance that the State or Federal Government SHOULD NOT be the one setting values nor prescribing it but it should be the

    Accounting Code of Ethics

    Because of recent financial disasters in the news, the board of directors of your company decided that they wanted to ascertain that the organization's code of ethics was appropriate and in agreement with the Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) as adopted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Therefor

    Business Ethics: Conflict of Interest

    Discuss the case study below from an ethics perspective (in 200-300 words of notes). Thanks. Mr. White has high cholesterol. He takes a medication for it because research shows conclusively that lowering cholesterol levels can decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease. He sees online that a prominent pharmaceutical company

    Creating a job description for a corporate ethics officer

    You have been asked by your CEO to recruit for a new position: corporate ethics officer. Prepare a job description (minimum 200 words) for this new position. In the job description, make sure to discuss the role the ethics officer will play in the company as well as the qualifications this individual must hold.

    Treaded Discussion - Utilitarian Ethics in Organizations

    An industrial firm is confronted with the dilemma of whether it should include - on its balance sheet - a very costly liability for the cleanup of a hazardous waste pool that has been generated over a number of years and as a direct consequence of its operations. The company is in agreement that the cost of cleaning up the hazar

    Ethics in Healthcare and the marketing of a new, untested procedure.

    The following case study illustrates some difficult ethical issues hospital marketers face on the job. When deciding on the best way to confront these "gray" ethical areas, hospitals marketers should use these questions as a guide: - What are the hospital's objectives in implementing this plan? - Will this marketing activity c

    Ethics Questions on Stakeholders

    *What is a stakeholder? *How does your business define stakeholder? *Identify your stakeholders and what makes them stakeholders in your business: - The employee - The supplier - The customers - The government - The local community and society *How does your business communicate with its stakeholders? - Discuss corpor

    Business Ethics in a Scenario

    Scenario: You are the first person to arrive in your classroom and as you sit down you notice an iPod on the floor underneath the adjacent seat. You pick it up and turn it on. It works fine and even has some of your favorite music listed. You realize that you are the only one in the room and no one will know if you keep it. You

    Citing Articles and Books

    Locate the following articles: 1) "Taking Rights out of Human Rights." By John Tasioulas, John. Ethics. July 2010, Volume 120, Issue 4, pages 647-678. 2) Authors: Thompson, Karen J.; Thach, Elizabeth C.; and Morelli, Melissa. Insights to a Changing World Journal. December 2010, Issue 4, pages 107-130. Title: "Implementing

    Ethics and Product Quality

    HighTech, Inc., manufactures computer chips and components. HighTech has just introduced a new version of its memory chip, which is far faster than the previous version. Because of high product demand for the new chip, the testing process has been thorough but hurried. As the firm's chief of operations, you discover after the ch

    Business Ethics Case Study - Tyco

    Read Case Study 20, 'Tyco: I'm Sure That It's a Really Nice Shower Curtain' in the attached files. Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author, and discuss the major issues presented in the case. Review the Questions for Thought. Answer these three questions using the business ethics principles from the textbook (See attac

    Ethics: New Product Decision-Making

    Why is it important for Preserve Company to monitor the external enviroment as it looks to add new products? See www.preserveproducts.com/recycling.