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    Ethics, Morals, and Common Business Practices

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    1. Describe the difference between ethics, morals, and common business practices and how it relates to running a company and securing its infrastructure.

    2. Describe the 4th amendment versus security in maintaining a company infrastructure and remaining open for business.

    3. Describe how the Take-Grant model works? Which popular operating system uses it any why?

    4. Take the following clear text line and convert it to cipher text using Ceasar + 3.

    I am glad the election is over

    5. What is multifactor authentication and why would you use it with online banking?

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    1. Ethics is the concept of knowing what is right and what is wrong.

    Teaching or exhibiting goodness or correctness of character and behavior is called morals. (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/morals)

    Thus, we can say that a thing that is ethical does not necessarily mean moral and vice versa.
    Therefore, actions or behavior must be both ethical and moral.

    In the workplace, it is a must that all actions employees must be morally and ethically sound.
    All successful companies usually have their respective trade secrets. In the soda business, it is the formula of the beverage. In the computer industry, it is the safeguarding of the computer prototype, among others. A company who has not instilled organizational morals and ethics will find itself in an uncompromising situation. Greedy employees might sell these trade secrets to competitors. This will result to the loss of market share and eventually the demise of the organization.

    The banking industry is the most vulnerable. There are clients and company secrets that need to be secured by both the management and the employees.
    An employee with insufficient ethical and moral character will be swayed by the glitter of gold and sacrifice the integrity of the company.

    The idea here is that all companies must have a built-in "purification and decontamination" program to cleanse its ...

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    This is a discussion of the concepts of ethics, moral, and other common business practices. It also discusses the
    fourth amendment, deciphering text using Ceasar + 3, and multifactor authentication.