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    Business Philosophy and Ethics

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    Ethical Dilemma: The Research Project

    Part I— Read Ethical Dilemma: The Research Project answers the three questions that follow the dilemma. Part II—Read Ethical Dilemma: To Reciprocate or Not to Reciprocate? answer the three questions that follow the dilemma.

    Ethics Practice: Doctors Mobey, Oak, and Chesterfield

    Doctors Mobey, Oak, and Chesterfield have been in a group practice for several years. Mohey and Oak are family practice physicians, and Chesterfield is a general surgeon. Chesterfield receives many referrals for surgery from his family practice partners. Upon the partnership's original formation , the three doctors agreed to a t

    Target Market Ethical Age Limits

    Is there an age below which marketers ought not to target commercial products? Is every person, regardless of age, a potential consumer? The market potential of young people is huge. According to one 2001 report, children's spending tripled in the 1990s. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 spent $2.2 billion in 1968, $4.2 bill

    Using a Code of Ethics to Address Dilemmas Concerning Managers

    I need some help answering the following questions about managers and ethical dilemmas. Can you please help me get started? Managers have many opportunities to pursue their own interests and can use their power to take advantage of subordinates, limit their freedom, and even steal their ideas. At the same time, managers may h

    Business Ethics & Leadership

    Read the case scenario below and answer the questions A pregnant woman leading a group of people out of a cave on a coast is stuck in the mouth of that cave. In a short time high tide will be upon them, and unless she is unstuck, they will all be drowned except the woman, whose head is out of the cave. Fortunately, (or unfort

    Business Ethics and Leadership

    Section A complete the following statements: a)A............... places high value on individual effort and the belief that hard work does and should lead to success. b).................is the combined effects of increased concentration, cyclic crises, rising unemployment and declining relative compensation. c)...............

    Business and Environmental Ethics

    1. Why are some people critical of the position that "good ethics is good business"? How is this argument relevant to the effort of getting Corporations to be more environmentally responsible? 2. With regard to preserving and protecting the environment, who has the most important role to play-- government, individual consume

    Standards for Ethical Behavior

    Many legal standards exist that businesses are required to meet in order to ensure product safety. These standards tend to be well defined, and adherence is a generally accepted risk mitigation strategy. Less quantitative risks exist, often in the area of ethical behavior, assumptions often made about the large portion of the wo

    Address an ethical issue raised in the article by answering all of the six questions related to ethical issues, the process of conducting the research, problems that could potentially arise, relevance of the issue to the researcher, your discipline (as related to the issue in the article), and finally your thoughts on how this issue might influence you (as the researcher).

    Address an ethical issue raised in the article by answering the following questions. Limit your response of each question to 125 words: o What ethical issue is at the heart of the article? o Why is this issue important to the conduct of research? o What problems might arise if this issue were not addressed by a research

    Professional Healthcare Ethics

    Demonstrate your ability to apply ethics to your future career in a healthcare setting by creating a one-page "credo"—a statement of your professional ethics. This statement should clearly identify your "ethics bottom line" and be suitable for framing. Creativity is encouraged, so be free to express yourself visually as well a

    Ethics: Acceptable Business Behavior

    Ethics have been defined in the business world as the acceptable behavior of a given entity in a given society. Terms such as "in Rome do as the Romans do" are an acceptable business behavior, which has led some companies, stockholders and stake holders to ruin. (I work in the automotive industry-Tower International) - Does y

    Business Ethics and Partnerships

    Please help with the following problems. 1. Should Michelle Obama have even teamed up with Wal-Mart in the first place? If so, why? If not, why not? 2. Given the nature of their product, do pharmaceutical companies have ethical responsibilities that other corporations don't' have? In your view, are the large U.S. drug com

    Organizational Culture and Business Ethics

    Discuss how the peer-reviewed journal article is important to our understanding of business ethics. Summarize the article and discuss the relevance of the article to business ethics (why does this article matter)?

    Ethical Dilemmas and Global Management

    - From the e-activity, analyze your ability to adapt to the foreign culture you selected and the likelihood that you would succeed in an international managerial assignment in that country. Provide specific examples to support your rationale. - Determine the greatest ethical dilemmas created by globalization and the best way t

    Ethical Standards in your Multicultural Environment

    Please help with the following problem. Ethics tend to be context-specific. Different countries have different views of what is and is not ethical. As the leader of your organization, would you establish ethical standards in your multicultural environment, or would you just let things take care of themselves? Is there anothe

    Ethical and Fiscal Responsibility of a Health Care Administrator

    Part of the ethical and fiscal responsibility of a health care administrator (HCA) is to be a good steward of resources, but HCAs may not connect their daily operations to this responsibility. Generate a list of a healthcare administrator's daily activities that could be affected by this obligation. For example, waste management

    Ethics in Business Decisions

    Some stumbling blocks to responsible action are cognitive or intellectual. As the model of ethical decision making outlined above suggests, a certain type of ignorance can account for bad ethical choices. Sometimes that ignorance can be almost wilful and intentional. After you discover a lost iPod, you might rationalize to your

    Ethics of Publishing Salaries

    Do you think it would be fair and ethical of a company to publish the salary of each employee on a large board in the company cafeteria for everyone to see? How do you feel that the employees would treat one another knowing each person's salary information? It was once said that "When a promotion is earned through merit and

    Workplace Scenario with an Ethical Dilemma

    I need help with this of this question. Please and Thank You A).Create a workplace scenario with an ethical dilemma. Describe the workplace, the actors involved in terms of their cultural diversity, and the decision that must be made. Post and share this with your classmates. B).The courses of action or decisions available

    Ethics in Baseball

    In separate incidents, All-Star game's Most Valuable Player Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants and Former AL Cy Young Award winner Oakland Athletics starter Bartolo Colon were both suspended for 50 games for testing positive for testosterone. Baseball is a business. It is big business. Players are employees. The safety of

    Ethics, Discretion, and Social Responsibility

    According to Carroll (1979) business has four responsibilities: 1. Economic responsibility- Must do- Business sustainability 2. Legal responsibility- Have to do-Regulatory 3. Ethical - Should do- Beliefs about behavior 4. Discretionary - Might do-Voluntary QUESTION: Ethics and discretion fall under the realm of social

    Patenting Genes: Ethical or Unethical

    Should patenting genes be understood as unethical? Yes or No? Which viewpoint do you side with? Why? Explain. Reference at least two outside resources that further support the viewpoint you side with.

    Ethics Surrounding the Lehman Brothers' Downfall

    I need help with questions that are related about Lehman Brothers down fall! Did the Lehman Brothers engaged in illegal or unethical behavior? Did Lehman Brother's allowed or encouraged malfeasance or questionable acts? What's the difference between "illegal behavior" and unethical behavior? How unethical behavior impacts

    AMA versus AICPA code of ethics

    Please help differentiate Professional Code of Conduct versus a Statement of Ethics. Does the terminology make a difference? Why or why not? If you compare the American Marketing Association and the Certificate Public Accounts code of ethics and statement of ethic what are some of the major contracts and components?

    Ethical Dilemma and Work Hours

    Barbara Montgomery is a first-year auditor for Coppers and Rose, a large public accounting firm. She has been assigned to the audit of Lakes Brothers, a clothing retailer with retail outlets throughout the United States. This audit has proved troublesome in the past, and during a staff meeting preceding the audit, Robert Cooley,