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    Ethics in Baseball

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    In separate incidents, All-Star game's Most Valuable Player Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants and Former AL Cy Young Award winner Oakland Athletics starter Bartolo Colon were both suspended for 50 games for testing positive for testosterone. Baseball is a business. It is big business. Players are employees. The safety of the employees is an issue for marketing and public relations. How does this affect the game?

    Unlike other drug problems, this is not a public safety issue. Or is it? Are players role models? You know kids; they see they do.

    Let's take this now to the specific level.

    Should Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon have received these lengthy suspensions?

    Please make sure to show how your position is for the greatest good (utility) and respects basic rights (deontology).

    Please provide three-four page paper, addressing the questions above and a minimum of 3 resources for further research.

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    Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon should have received these lengthy suspensions. By using testosterone these players have violated the rules of the game. From the deontological ethical perspective, it is the duty of both these players to follow the rules of the tournament and not take anything that violates the rules of the game. Consider the situation where there are several other players who have followed the rules. By breaking the rules Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon have given themselves an undue advantage. By taking testosterone both these players are likely to perform better than other players giving them undue advantage. The taking of these drugs makes the game unfair. The level playing ground is gone.
    The safety of employees is one issue. If the players suffer from long time side effects of taking testosterone their health will be compromised. Also under the effect of testosterone the players may become more prone to injure themselves or other players. This is also a practical reason why action has been taken against these players.

    Marketing and public relations is related to the image of game and its players. Basketball is a big business because most people who patronize it believe that it is a fair game. The game is not unjustly tilted in favor of some players. The actions of Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon shake the confidence of sport lovers in the game. It leads them to ...

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