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Venn Diagram

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The Action Sports Network surveyed 265 of its viewers to determine which sports they watched most often. The results of the survey showed:

140 viewers watched football
130 viewers watched baseball
120 viewers watched hockey
60 viewers watched football and baseball
55 viewers watched baseball and hockey
50 viewers watched football and hockey
40 viewers watched all 3 sports

Construct a Venn diagram and than determine how many viewers watched:

a.) football and baseball, but not hockey
b.) exactly two of these sports
c.) none of these sports
d.) only hockey
e.) exactly one of these sports
f.) football and hockey, but not baseball

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H: People who watch only hockey
B: People who watch only baseball
F: People who watch only football
FH: People who watch only hockey and football
BF: People who watch only football and baseball
BH: People who watch only hockey and baseball
BFH: People who watch all ...

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