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    Integrity and Ethical Communication

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    You and Pat are co-workers who have the same manager. Pat needs to make a presentation to the manager and the whole department in four days about how to reduce department costs and is having trouble coming up with ideas. You make a few suggestions to Pat, who admits that they are very good ideas. You attend the presentation and notice that Pat is using all of your ideas, but does not acknowledge that they were originally your ideas . Thus, Pat takes all of the credit. Your manager thinks Pat is brilliant and suggests that Pat could be a candidate for promotion based on these great money-saving ideas.

    Analyse the events in the scenario that correlate ethical communication with academic integrity. Describe the violations of ethical communication that you see.

    Why is it important to communicate ethically? Why is it important to communicate with academic integrity?

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    Pat taking your ideas without giving you credit is similar to reading a book or researching a subject online without giving proper credit. Pat probably did not use the exact words that you used when suggesting the ideas, so he could state that he did not plagiarize your ideas. He did, however, use your suggestions and develop them into a full presentation. Pat might be able to defend his actions by stating that while you and he communicated about these ideas, he was responsible for enlarging them and bringing them together to present formally. You, of course, would argue that the ideas are what were important. Pat violated the ...

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    This solution is based on the scenario of being a co-worker with Pat, who must make a presentation in a few days to the manager and department. You give Pat suggestions and he presents them as his own ideas, taking full credit. The solution analyzes the situation and discusses violations in ethical communication, as well as explaining why it is important to communicate ethically and with academic integrity. Includes APA formatted references.