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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Gulf Oil Spill and Corporate Social Responsibility

After reading articles about the gulf oil spill and corporate social responsibility, I am having difficulty explaining how the philosophy of Milton Friedman played a role in management's decision and identifying one other ethical framework that influenced management during this event.

Normative Ethics: Utilitarianism and Deontology

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the news has been full of examples like this one from Hurricane Katrina: During Hurricane Katrina, there were several cases of retail businesses increasing their prices. Gasoline prices went up, food prices increased as food became scarcer, and the prices of generators also became virtual

What is whistle blowing, and why is it important to the study of business ethics?

What is whistle blowing, and why is it important to the study of business ethics? Provide details. Discuss the reasons why an employee would refrain from reporting potentially unethical behavior within his/her organization. Should a corporation establish an ethics hotline? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having one.

Administrative Responsibility, and Recent Ethical Obligations

Discuss public interest, administrative responsibility and some of the recent ethical obligations confronting public administrators in their day to day decision making. Also examine the recent trend in privatizing government functions and discuss if it posses any dilemma for the attainment of public interest. Be sure to use rele

Business Ethics: Advertising in Schools

1. Discuss the ethics of allowing advertising in schools. Is there an appropriate age in which advertising could be considered? 2. What are the benefits and drawbacks to advertising products within schools? 3. What other facts would you need to make a decision and how might your decision affect the stakeholders? 4. Discuss al

Business Ethics

Concern about the responsible preservation of the global environment is going to continue to grow in the next century. Businesses at all levels across the globe are asked in most cases to responsibly protect and preserve our planetary environment. Discuss some of the environmentally necessary market and nonmarket issues a busi

Value System and Professional Ethics.

After selecting the company "Wal-Mart" that will be the subject of your final paper, complete the introduction portion of the paper. The following areas should be addressed: 1. Introduction - Give an overview of the organization and surrounding events - Include underlying causes for the issue as well as what indications wer

Code of Ethics for United Services Automobile Association (USAA)

I could use your assistance with creating an original Code of Ethics for United Services Automobile Association (USAA). The company Code of Ethics, needs to include the following: 1. Guiding principles 2. Purpose of the code 3. Core values 4. Training and education 5. Definitions 6. What employees it covers 7. H

Ethics in the Industry

There are two major corporations, one in manufacturing and the other in healthcare. What conclusion could be reached about whether an environmentally conscious (or green) person would fit in these companies? What issues may the potential employee have that would ethically challenge their position? How could their work be effecte

Business Ethics Learning Objectives

1. Relate the market system to the need for ethics in business and distinguish it from the law and concepts of virtue and morality. 2. Explore ethics in the context of relativism, psychological egoism, utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics. 3. Examine the ideas of character ethic, female ethic, human rights, and et

Variances Analysis: Corrective Action and Responsibility

As head plant manager, overseeing the entire production cycle, you have received a report from your accounting staff showing the results of your standard costing practices, shown below: Materials Price Variance - 80,000 Favorable Materials Quantity Variance - 60,000 Unfavorable Labor Rate Variance - 75,000 Unfavorable

A corporate code of ethics

A corporate code of ethics pursues four key objectives: 1) help employees, from diverse backgrounds, work more effectively across cultural backgrounds 2) provide a reference point for decision making 3) help attract individuals who want to work for a business that embraces high standards 4) help a company to manage risk by r

Ethics and social responsibilities

Why should entrepreneurs be concerned with ethics or social responsibility (how an organization responds to the needs of its stakeholders)? What are the benefits of ethical and social responsibility standards being incorporated into the venture? How can an entrepreneur quantify the "bottom line" value of ethical behavior? What i

Ethics in Accounting: Demonstrated

Are ethics important to the accounting profession? Explain your response. How does the profession demonstrate its committment (or non-committment) to ethical behavior in your opinion? Your tutorial is 370 words and two references and explains why financial experts must have ethical practices and how the financial industry sho

Psychology: Corporate Social Responsibility

In your own words what is Corporate Social Responsibility? How does Corporate Social Responsibility relate to a personal mission statement? How does Servant Leadership relate to Corporate Social Responsibility or how does one intergate Servant Leadership into Corporate Social Responsibility?

Business Ethics in Contracts

Looking at the situation from both a spiritual and an ethical perspective, advise Benji as to whether he should sign the contract, and why. In connection to your response, you may want to research the following ethical concepts and incorporate what you find that is considered relevant to: --Corporate Culture --Honesty --

FIFA Social Responsibility: Zidane's Last Red Card

Please help me to thoroughly analyze and answer the questions below. Should players be penalized more for offensive behavior directed against FIFA officials than against other players? Why? Often murder of a police officer carries penalties more severe than murder of an ordinary citizen. Should this be so? Is it more d

Addressing Issues in Ethics and Legal Conflicts in Business

Please provide an example of a written analysis about the issues that arise in a business environment. Address the ethical components and factors, as well as how the management would handle the legal issues, and how their decisions would change the outcome of these issues. Discuss factors that you think contribute to the case or

Employment at Will, CEOs, and Normative Ethics

1. The legal and ethical limits on the doctrine of "employment at will" include: a. Concern about the families of the workers b. Important public policy considerations c. Fear of loss of attractiveness as an employer to potential future employees d. None of the above 2. Circle the best answer or answers: What are some p

The Ethics of Financial Statement Preparation

1. Management can take an over - or under - representation approach to financial statement preparation. Debate the reasons for these types of misrepresentations. 2. While conducting your auditing duties, you discovered significant fraud. Determine how you would let management know these facts.

Business Ethics: Sarbanes Oxley

Sarbanes Oxley was enacted in response to widespread ethics violations. Do publicly traded companies owe ethical duties to their investors beyond making a profit? In the business world, is there a difference between what is fair and what is ethical? Has information learned in this class challenged your ideas about business and e

Business Ethics and Provisions

Read the article Governance in the Spotlight: What Sarbanes Oxley means to You. In this article the author outlines provisions companies are now required to implement. Consider the requirements imposed by Sarbanes Oxley on corporate boards of directors. Do small businesses and privately held companies have ethical duties? If so,

Theories of Ethics

The meeting between Bill and Joe did not go very well, and the Peninsula Hotel chain contract is in jeopardy. Despite their personal relationship, Bill is threatening to sign a contract with Joe's competitor, Threads4U, because it is undercutting UWEAR's price. Joe is desperate to save the contract because the Peninsula Hote

Business Ethics in an Airline

A mechanic for an airline company discovers a serious issue with the instrument wiring. The mechanic alerted the proper channels within the company so that once the Federal Aviation Administration is notified the airlines whole fleet would be grounded. The airline choose to do the right thing and notify the FAA and also ground t

Cross-Cultural Ethics

A member of one culture may not view a situation with the same ethical perspective as a member of another culture. Given this, what can an organization do when faced with an ethical dilemma complicated by cross-cultural considerations? What factors must be considered when making decisions in situations like these?

Medical Devices: Approval Process and Responsibility

1. What is the approval process to bring a medical device to market in the US? 2. Who should be held responsible for detrimental health effects related to that medical device or product? ....What if the device or product were being used in an "off-label" manner, or not in accordance with manufacturer's directions?