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    FIFA Social Responsibility: Zidane's Last Red Card

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    Please help me to thoroughly analyze and answer the questions below.

    Should players be penalized more for offensive behavior directed against FIFA officials than against other players? Why?

    Often murder of a police officer carries penalties more severe than murder of an ordinary citizen. Should this be so?
    Is it more defensible to increase penalties when the victim is a FIFA official or when the victim is a police officer? Why?


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    Step 1
    Players should be penalized more for offensive behavior against FIFA officials than against other players. From the deontological ethical perspective it is the duty of the players to follow the rules of FIFA, and respect FIFA officials, and not rebel against them. Further, players are often pitted against the players of other teams. There is an adversarial relationship among them. Offensive behavior against other players is natural and is more acceptable. However, FIFA officials are not adversaries and so players should be penalized more for offensive behavior against FIFA officials.

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    The murder of a policeman ...

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