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Ethics in the Industry

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There are two major corporations, one in manufacturing and the other in healthcare. What conclusion could be reached about whether an environmentally conscious (or green) person would fit in these companies? What issues may the potential employee have that would ethically challenge their position? How could their work be effected based off how they feel about the environment or how they could be treated for a medical condition?

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Manufacturing company: Manufacturing companies are companies that produce products that are later purchased by the consumer. The process of turn raw materials into a finished product for use creates a lot of waste and air pollution that is harmful to the environment. For a environmentally conscious person to work at a manufacturing company could be either a successful partnership or a horrible one. One way it could be successful is if the employee looked for ways to reduce the waste or pollution that the company produced. The particular employee could help the organization develop ...

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Understanding how the industry and decision of a company can affect the happiness of its employees.

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The final research paper will synthesize theoretical frameworks and the impact of ethics and law on the healthcare industry. Also, this paper will focus on the historical aspect of medical experimentation and research and the involvement of marginalized populations and their ethical implications for the healthcare industry. For example, you can select a medical experiment, such as the Nazi War Crimes, the Eugenics Project, or the Mississippi Appendectomy and discuss the lack of IRB approval or signed consent. History has demonstrated that there have been many atrocities perpetuated on marginalized individuals in the medical community. Your research should focus on the impact that untoward events have had on health outcomes. You CANNOT write your research paper solely on the Tuskegee Experiment, you may however reference the Tuskegee Experiment. Your research should demonstrate a comprehensive view of law and ethics in the healthcare industry.

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