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Managing Ethics within Information Systems (IS)

Briefly discuss the various organizational approaches to managing ethics within an IS.

Policies and procedures must exist for any employees who have access to IS data. For example, policies should clearly outline which employees will track and maintain usage by others, along with consequences for violations of data usage. Once such policies are in place, it is vital to actually follow the procedures - not simply have words on paper.

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Organizations must have stringent policies, procedures and oversights in place for managing ethics within information systems (IS). For example, a policy should exist in that any staff member whom is able to view confidential data, such as employee wages, marital and dependent status, even personnel issues, are prohibited from discussing those pieces of information with others. ...

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This solution is over 200 words and provides a brief discussion on the policies and procedures an organization should initiate to ensure data is ethical accessed and utilized within their information system.