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    HR Global Practices

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    Managing human resources internationally can be challenging. HR practices will change from country to country due to differences in cultures, political, economic and legal systems. It is impossible to effectively manage human resource activities internationally without understanding these differences. Researching these topics within the target country would be my first step in setting up a program.

    In addition, I will need information on the local pool of employees available. Does the local population possess the technical skills and education that we require of the employees who will fill our available positions? Once my research is complete and I have the information available concerning the skills of the local population, my next step would be to determine and advise my employer on the decision to fill available positions with local or expatriate employees. If the company decides to hire locally the HR department will need to transfer the selection, training, appraisal, pay, and other human resources practices to the foreign location.

    There are several best practices recommended when developing and implementing worldwide HR policies and procedures:
    - Form global HR networks
    - It is more important to standardize ends and competencies than specific methods.
    - "You can't communicate enough."
    - Dedicate adequate resources.

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    HR practices can change from country to country based on differences in cultures, political, economic and legal systems. The differences in cultures are the most important factor why HR practices change from country to country. The differences in culture have to be considered in changing company policies and also have to be considered when motivating the employees. ...

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