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    Altruism & Business Ethics

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    Is altruism possible or is it simply a more subtle form of self-interest. If altruism is possible, should businesses seek to behave altruistically? What do you think? Give an example.

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    Altruism is a more subtle form of self-interest. The New York Times reports, "it's undeniable that people sometimes act in a way that benefits others, but it may seem that they always get something in return- at the very least, the satisfaction of having their desire to help fulfilled" (Lichtenberg, 2010). People feel good about helping others, and the prospect of a future favor, a better reputation, or self-satisfaction in acting "altruistically" each inspire kind acts. Should one fail to act in seemingly altruistic situations they may suffer in other ways. ...

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    This solution discusses if altruism is possible or if it is just another form of self interest. It also determines if businesses should try to behave altruistically. It includes APA formatted references.