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mandatory compliance body : environmental responsibility

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Concern about the responsible preservation of the global environment is going to continue to grow in the next century. Businesses at all levels across the globe are asked in most cases to responsibly protect and preserve our planetary environment. Discuss some of the environmentally necessary market and nonmarket issues a business is required to manage by voluntary or by regulatory means. Is a mandatory compliance body necessary in order to achieve significant green environmental responsibility? Can a global enforcement agency work?

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Environmentally necessary market and nonmarket issues are that the market favors companies that are environmentally responsible. There are nonmarket issues as well. Environmentally responsible businesses are able to attract better employees, good suppliers, and responsible investors. The business must ensure that its manufacturing, storage, and distribution process does not pollute or harm the environment. It is important for large businesses to ...

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Need for compulsory laws to protect the environment is discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.

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