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    Value System and Professional Ethics

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    Please, I really need some help to put these ethical questions together.

    Checkpoint 3:

    The Company used for Checkpoint 1 & 2 is Walmart and it will also use for Checkpoint 3.

    For checkpoint 3, complete the deontological analysis of your case study. Provide an explanation of the deontological ethics perspectives (categorical imperative, rights, justice) and how they relate to the case. Specifically address the following:

    Categorical imperative - what would happen if everyone engaged in this behavior?
    Rights theory - are there any rights that the behavior violates for any of the stakeholders? If so, how have they been violated?
    Justice theory - is everyone treated equally in this behavior?

    Explain: State whether the behavior is ethical or unethical based on your analysis of these theories.

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    This is interesting- note the difference in outcome based on different ethics perspective. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    According to the deontological approach to ethics, to be proper and right, actions must not only bring about good results, they must also be acted out through proper means and with good intentions. It is a black and white approach to life, in which regardless of the outcome, it is always wrong to act in an unsavory manner. The ends never justify the means. It is considered a "rule based" approach to ethics (Hovland & Wolburg, n.d.). Furthermore, should an action be wrong in one context, it is then judged to be wrong in all contexts. The categorical imperative is central to Kant's philosophy that one is bound by duty to do the right thing, by universal law.
    In considering Walmart's sourcing product from China, one must consider the labor that is being used to make products. One of the key concepts of the deontological approach is that human beings are autonomous and are due both dignity and respect. Thus, the question surfaces if Walmart is sourcing product from factories in which workers are given dignity and respect, and to go further, would any of us be willing to do a similar job? This is a troublesome question, since the answer is obviously no. Walmart sources product ...

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    This solution is a deontological analysis of the ethics regarding Walmart purchasing product overseas. It is quite detailed and includes APA formatted references.