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    Business Philosophy and Ethics

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    The Components of Emotional Intelligence

    Discuss in detail characteristics of "emotional intelligence" and how these characteristics play a key role in bringing the competencies needed from today's desirable manager. In addition to your response, provide an opinion on whether emotional intelligence can be learned. Why or why not? Give examples.

    Inventory & AC Turnover

    Islander Company Data: As of December 31, Balance Sheet Data 2011 2010 Accounts receivable $500,000 $470,000 Allowance for doubtful accounts (25,000) (20,000) Net accounts receivable $475,000 $450,000 Inventories - lower of cost or market $600,000 $550,000

    AMNESTY: What's Your Position?

    Please answer the following: What is your position on the issue of amnesty? Do you think that illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty? If so, why? If not, then what are the alternatives? Some states, like Arizona and others have and are writing new laws in response to illegal immigration from Mexico. What are your though


    Holman Electronics manufactures audio equipment, selling it through various distributors. Holman's days sales outstanding (Accounts receivable / Average daily credit sales) figures increased steadily in 2011 and then spiked dramatically in 2012, peaking at 120 days in the second quarter. In the third quarter of 2012, Holman's

    Cash vs Accrual Analysis

    I need some help in this case study analysis: The following information is provided for Kelly Plumbing Supply. Cash received from customers during December 2011 $387,000 Cash paid to suppliers for inventory during December 2011 131,000 Cash received from customers includes November accounts receivables of $139,000. S

    MNEs & Diversification Strategies

    Using what you know on multinational enterprises (MNE), explain why and how an MNE would use diversification strategies to grow their business. How would this benefit the company? What strategies would be the best to use? What (if any) would be the downside to such strategies for both the MNE and the countries that they operate

    Bribery and Corruption: Practices and Consequences

    The United Nations, the OECD, and many other international organizations monitor and asses the levels of bribery and corruption in the countries of the world. There are even a number of indexes available on the Internet to gauge the potential problems of doing business in selected countries and their "corruption score". In some

    Solving for Business Ethics

    Collectively, business people make billions of decisions daily. Within that decision framework, there are pressures from many areas that affect the decisions and perhaps more importantly, the decision making process. The culture of the business, the leadership example of senior management, the culture of the country, the individ

    Mission Statement for Human Services

    Please read the following article below. Based on the mission statements of two organizations I selected and the tools cited in the article which should be used to evaluate mission statements, I need help in comparing and contrasting the two mission statements. Additionally, what do you think both organizations should practice

    Reasons People Leave a Job

    What are five main reasons people generally change jobs? Explain the reasons in detail. 200 words, APA citation

    Effective Resumes

    If success in business is due to effective planning, how might an individual proactively prepare for an interview or a job in regards to a resume or cover letter?

    Managing for motivation

    If you are assigned a supervisory role at work, how can you motivate employees to become excited about assuming additional responsibilities? 200 words, apa citations

    Avoiding Distractions at Work

    I need help reviewing the short article and providing thoughts. http://www.businessweek.com/stories/2008-12-04/managing-stress-can-improve-company-performance Also, In today's society, there are so many interruptions that typically distract our attention while we are trying to work. What basic types of interruptions or lack

    Business Ethics And Profitability

    In the global economy there are many strong ties between corporate ethics and profit. McMurrian and Matulich offer this hypothesis, "In fact, a reputation for ethical business activities can be a major source of competitive advantage" (2006, p. 11). Conduct research to validate the statement made above by McMurrian and Matul

    Commitment in Decision Making

    Your firm manufactures pesticides for farmers. Your co-worker has noticed multiple times that the boss habitually violates safety protocols while using a particularly noxious pesticide. The boss is careless handling the pesticide container and keeps leaving the open container around. When left open for too long, the pesticide re

    Business and Economic Ethics

    Please provide brief comments for these answers: 1. Evaluate whether or not you believe a U.S.-based company outsourcing jobs to foreign markets is ethical. Support your position. I believe outsourcing to foreign markets is unethical; though it makes good business sense. This is because the jobs that they are sending over

    Creation of a Code of Ethics

    The task is to create a Code of Ethics for fictitious company or organization. This should include the following: Guiding Principles Purpose of the code Core values Training and education Definition What employees it covers How it will be implemented/communicated How it will be enforced and reported Mission statement

    Creating an Ethical Organizational Culture

    1 Describe how organizations can create an ethics culture. Provide an example of a company with a positive ethical culture. 2. Describe what is meant by a code of business ethics and briefly explain its role in an organization. 3. List five reasons why preserving the environment should be a permanent part of doing busine

    Affirmative Action Opinion Response

    Affirmative action refers to a policy or a program that tries to respond to instances of past discrimination by implementing proactive measures to ensure equal opportunity today. In your own words, discuss your point of view on affirmative action. Do you believe it is fair or does affirmative action create further discrimination

    Company Introduction, Market Segmentation, and Product Positioning

    Please provide me help with the following wring assignment: In this assignment you will describe your fictitious company and provided its background. Then, you are ready to start building the marketing plan with a focus on segmenting and positioning your product and service. Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper in which you

    Ethical Dilemma: Cash Sales

    Read Ethical Dilemma: Cash Sales on page 285 of your textbook. In a two to three page paper, answer the six questions which follow the scenario. Make sure you follow APA guidelines and use at least two outside resources in your response. 1. What is the potential conflict? 2. What could be negotiated to resolve the present si

    Family Business

    1.A family member has asked you to go into business with them. This family member has started several successful businesses in the past, but their ethical standards are questionable. Describe the challenges of doing business with a family member, and develop a plan for addressing these challenges, including any potential ethical

    Employers Outlook on Skills and Leadership

    What are some of the essential skills that you think an employer is looking for? By skills, I don't mean technical skills, but more of the sense of personal work habits, leadership, and ethics. What have been the skills that have been your foundation even when times have gotten tough? Three to four paragraphs would be suffi