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Family Business

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1.A family member has asked you to go into business with them. This family member has started several successful businesses in the past, but their ethical standards are questionable. Describe the challenges of doing business with a family member, and develop a plan for addressing these challenges, including any potential ethical issues which may arise.

2.What are the advantages and disadvantages of a family business? How can the involvement of a third party resolve conflict in a family business?

3.You have decided to add an addition to your house. Describe the negotiation process that you will use with the contractor you have chosen to complete the renovation.

4.Products and services are marketed in such a way to grab our attention, sometimes using fear to do so, such as identity theft protection company commercials. These practices are sometimes called the dark side of persuasion. Are these practices ethical? Why, or why not?

Your response should be at least 200 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

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1. One of the challenges of doing business with a family member, is that often times family members would think that they deserve special treatment in reference to the business enterprise. In these cases, often family members think that they are entitled to much more leniency in the business partnership, which may make these individuals fail to give 100% and the achievement of business objectives. This within itself will cause a major problem within the business, due to the fact that a business partnership requires that every partner be totally committed to giving 100% in ensuring that business objectives are achieved. These problems are exacerbated if the ethical standards of the business partner or not very high. A plan by which to address these challenges will include drawing up a contract with these individuals which stipulates the duties that will be carried out by each business partner. This contract will also include the stipulation that any breach of duty by either of the parties, or unethical activities by either party will dissolve the business partnership. This will tend to proactively prevent business problems including unethical activities that could potentially occur in the future. It is also pertinent that there be an initial meeting with the family member/business partner, in order to establish that business operations are entirely separate from ...

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Family Business

Topic: Compensation/Discrimination
Characters: Jane, Manager, Payroll Department for R&S Electronic Service Company
Brad, Owner of 1tdcS Electronic Service Company
Eddie, General Manager
Greg, Service Technician and Eddies brother

Jane has just been hired as the head of the Payroll Department at R&S Electronics Service Company, a firm of 75 employees. She was hired by Eddie, the General Manager of the company, who informed her of the need for maintaining strict confidentiality regarding employee salaries and pay scales. He also informed her that he fired the previous Payroll Department head for breaking that confidentiality by discussing employees' salaries. She was also formally introduced to Brad, the owner, who told her to see him if she has any questions or problems. Both Brad and Eddie made her feel welcome.

After three months of employment, Jane begins to wonder why Greg makes so much more in commissions than the other service technicians. She assumes that he must be highly qualified and must work rapidly because she has overheard Brad commending Greg on his performance on several occasions. She has also noticed Brad, Eddie, and Greg having lunch together frequently.

One day, Eddie gives Jane the stack of work tickets for the service technicians for the upcoming week The technicians are to take whatever ticket is on top when they finish the job they were working on. After putting the tickets where they belong, Jane remembers she has a doctor's appointment the next morning and returns to Eddie's office to tell him she will be reporting late for work. When she enters Eddies office, she sees Eddie give Greg a separate stack of work tickets. As she stands there, Eddie tells her if she mentions this to anyone, he will fire her. Jane is upset because she understates that Eddie is giving the easier, high-commission work to his brother. Jane also realizes that Eddie does have the authority to hire and fire her. Since she has only been at the company a short time, she is also still on probation This is her first job since college. She wonders what she should do.
Author: Dr. Marilyn M. Helms, Associate Professor of Management, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Prepare a three-page analysis answering the questions on the following page:

? Who are the stakeholders in this case?
? What are the interests of the stakeholders?

Legal Analysis
? Do any of the labor or employment laws from the eGuide apply to this case?
? If they do apply, analyze the legality of the corporation's actions in this case.
? If the laws do not apply to the actions in this case, explain why they do not apply.

Ethical Analysis
? If the decision maker applied the categorical imperative theory in this case, what would the result be, and why?
? If the decision maker applied the utilitarian theory in this case, what would the result be, and why?
? If the decision maker applied the rights theory in this case, what would the result be, and why?
? If the decision maker applied the justice theory in this case, what would the result be, and why?

Conclusion and Recommendation
Based on the previous page, as well as what you have learned about ethical theories and foundations of moral development, what is your final recommendation to the corporation regarding this case? Your recommendation should be at least two paragraphs and include at least three reasons, with specific references to course material, stating how you arrived at that conclusion.

The paper needs to be double spaced and in APA format.

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