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    Reasons People Leave a Job

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    What are five main reasons people generally change jobs? Explain the reasons in detail.

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    • Dissatisfied with supervisor - employees who do not have a good relationship with their employer will often feel compelled to search for employment elsewhere. There are several reasons that may create dissatisfaction, which may include management's inability to trust employees enough to perform certain tasks without micromanaging. A supervisor may not be an effective communicator, he or she may "talk down" to the employee through condescending speech, ridicule, or the supervisor may humiliate the employee in front of office staff. For example, a supervisor is given the order to terminate an employee; the appropriate course of action is to discuss the employee's future with the company in private or with one or two witnesses. However, there are some instances in which an employer may blurt out "you're fired!" in public, in front of customers and employees.

    • Changes in marital status - when an employee becomes married he or she may change jobs ...

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    In this problem solution we reveal the most common reasons people leave their current organization. We discover the root causes of the decision to leave.