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    Ethical Dilemma: Cash Sales

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    Read Ethical Dilemma: Cash Sales on page 285 of your textbook. In a two to three page paper, answer the six questions which follow the scenario. Make sure you follow APA guidelines and use at least two outside resources in your response.

    1. What is the potential conflict?
    2. What could be negotiated to resolve the present situation and prevent future conflict?
    3. Do you have any obligation to Nathan as a fellow member of the team?
    4. Do you have an obligation to voice your suspicions to management?
    5. What risks do you face if you do/don't speak up?
    6. Based on your value system, what would you do?

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    In this ethical dilemma scenario it appears that the potential conflict is based upon the fact that Nathan is not ringing up or recording all of the cash sales that he is making on a nightly basis. This individual is putting this money into the tip box instead of ringing it up as cash sales. This can result in a tremendous conflict due to the fact that this causes there to be the appearance of a decline in sales to the management of the organization, which will place all of the staff members under suspicion. This is also a source of potential conflict due to the fact that this individual is actually stealing from the organization by putting the sales in the tip box instead of ringing them up as sales for the organization, which unethically increases the amount of money in the tip box.

    In order to resolve this problem it is possible that some negotiations could take place in order to solve this conflict in an efficient and effective manner. In order to solve this conflict the other staff members could negotiate with Nathan that they will not report his failure to ring up cash sales to the management of the organization, as long as Nathan agrees to stop these activities immediately. It ...