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    Avoiding Distractions at Work

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    I need help reviewing the short article and providing thoughts.

    Also, In today's society, there are so many interruptions that typically distract our attention while we are trying to work. What basic types of interruptions or lack of etiquette from others seem to disturb you while trying to focus on an important task?

    Please include any references.

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    The article makes several valid points. Stress among workers is very common, and it includes stress at the bottom level in the company up to the top. The only difference is the degree of stress experienced. The entry-level production employee has stress as well, whether it is learning the production process, perfecting his or her technique or in some other area. The high level executive also has stress, which can include the weight of the company's financial position as well as all other issues within the company. In both cases, the ...

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    This solution comments on the article link provided. Common methods to handle distractions while working on important tasks are also discussed. Additional resources are provided for student expansion.