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    Ethics Policy

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    Ethical describes the company's internal "do" and "do not" policies.

    Regulatory describes the regulations for a particular field; what the associations believe is okay or not okay. This may include global governing bodies and boards such as the bar association for lawyers and medical associations for doctors.

    Legal describes what governments deem as appropriate, or not; for example, how to deal with proprietary information. Laws many times go hand in hand with ethics.

    Research various companies' ethics policies, regulations, and laws for sales and then create an ethics policy that encompasses all three for your sales department. Including how the policy will be implemented, monitored, and evaluated.

    Topics should include, but not be limited to:

    Personal ethics for example, using supplies and computers for personal use.

    Private ethics for example, not share customer information, act ethically in workplace, information as proprietary, and so on.

    Use at least two resources to create your ethics policy.

    Some info on the Company we are developing the ethics policy for:

    The company is a manufacturer of refrigerated cases for the retail and grocery market. Here is some information that you need to know about the company:
    There is one corporate office and manufacturing plant based in Michigan, with a total of 100 total employees.

    There are regionally based locations, which currently cover six Midwestern states:

    Currently there is one sales manager (you) and 12 sales representatives.
    The sales representative territory is set up geographically with two representatives per state.
    Compensation is based on a salary of $25,000 per year, plus a yearly bonus.

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    Ethics Policy for Sales People:
    Step 1
    The company has adopted this Ethics Policy for Sales Representatives and all employees in the sales department. Each person in the sales department will be responsible for complying with this Ethics Policy. If any sales person believes that a prohibited ac under this Ethics Policy has occurred then he or she shall promptly report such a belief to the sales manager. The sales manager or at any other person appointed at the discretion of the manager will investigate any such reported prohibited act without the knowledge of the Sales Representative under investigation. If the report of such investigation indicates a violation of the Ethics Policy and the sales manager determines that such an act represents a violation of the Ethics Policy, disciplinary action will be taken to the extent required by the sales manager and the company.
    Every Sales Representative has the duty to avoid sales, or financial interests, or relationships which conflict with the interest of the Company. He must avoid conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest and must report it to the sales manager (a).

    Step 2
    Conduct of Sales and Equitable Dealing:
    No Sales Representative shall:
    Compete with the company by giving service to a competitor as an employee, representative, or agent.
    Shall profit or assist others to profit by providing company confidential information or business opportunities that are available because of the Sales Representative position with the company.
    Take unfair advantage of any ...

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