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    Ethics program elements in hospitals

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    Please help with the following problem.

    What are the key elements of an ethics program? Which of these elements are present in a hospital organization? What improvements to a hospital organization would you suggest and why.

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    The key elements of an ethics program are the development of an ethics policy, the communication of the ethics policy and its elements to all employees and the evaluation of the success or otherwise of the ethics program.

    Each of these elements is present in a hospital organization. In particular, the policy spells out the behavior and the conduct of the hospital staff while dealing with each other and the patients. The policy also has issues relating to conflict of interest and sexual harassment.

    In the hospital environment, the most important aspect of the ethics policy is the method with which the employees will deal with uninsured and underinsured patients. ...

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    Ethics program elements in hospitals are discussed. The improvements to a hospitals organization are analyzed.