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Organizational Integrity

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I need help with these questions, please.
Would organizational integrity make a difference in your loyalty to a company? Why or why not?
What are the key components of an ethics policy and why are they needed?

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Organizational integrity which makes a difference in your loyalty to a company is determined. The key components of an ethics policy is given.

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Though the question of loyalty has to be determined and defined according to individual preferences, it would absolutely and does define my loyalty with regard to whether I stay, or whether I go and look for employment elsewhere. The integrity of a company does not change my ethics values personally however. For example, if I worked for a company that was not integral, and I knew of numerous ethics, or compliance violations, I would report them to the appropriate parties, as is my duty as an employee; but the actions of others acting unethically will not subsequently cause my actions to turn unethical; and I will not begin acting without integrity, or personal ethics. It is also my opinion that it is difficult to be loyal to a company that does not have integrity if you are an integral person. One would think it would be burdensome to know the company for which they are employed is without integrity; it spurs other questions such as how long the organization will actually be an organization and remain in business? I would also question my livelihood; will I still have a 401K and retirement if the doors ...

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