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    Treaded Discussion - Ethics and Organizational Culture

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    At one time or another, all of us have read about, heard of, or even witnessed ethical or unethical behaviors on the part of business people (or worse, on the part of entire organizations). Describe one such instance that you can recall or which you may have familiarity with (again, this may be a well-known event or it may be one that you have personally experienced). What role do you believe the organization's culture might have played relative to fomenting the behavior(s) you've identified? Explain.

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    The best example of this type of behavior is from Enron Corporation. When Enron collapsed, everyone lost. Employees lost their jobs, investors lost money, some people even lost their life savings that had invested it in Enron. Enron is the all-time example of fraudulent, unethical, and unprofessional behavior. The main problem with Enron is that people got greedy, and in this case, that greed started at the top, spread across management, and then even started to trickle down to lower management. When ...

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