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    Organizational Culture: Discuss job changes from your grandfather's time

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    You are a manager in a large, global manufacturing and services organization. You're trying to explain to your grandfather how different your job is from his. You both know how society has changed and and you want to explain how that has changed management.

    Write your thoughts on how management has changed with respect to one of the following areas:

    Organizational culture - I CHOSE THIS ONE. Please help me out - how do I start this?
    (others included: the outside environment, Globalization, Corporate responsibility and ethics, Society and trends)

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    Over the past decades there has been much change in the approach and methods of management compared to previous times. There is much more international influence and a greater degree of interdependence between individual sectors as well as countries. These forces of globalization have caused much change. In a global manufacturing and services organization management must take into consideration the various different cultures and traditions that may operate across the various countries the firm may ...

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