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Ethics and Responsibility of Individuals in a Community

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Discuss the professional ethics and responsibility of intermediaries, managerial responsibility, loyalty and employee responsibility to a community?

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Intermediaries have the responsibility to be just in their dealings with both of the individuals that they serve as a go between for, and to treat each party with equity and respect. Managerial ...

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Organizational Stakeholders

You are to read through the first 11 pages of the document referenced below (and skim through the remainder, which is about 100 pages of annotated bibliography) and consider the concept of corporate social responsibility from the stakeholder perspective.

Please write a 3 - 4 page argumentative essay which argues for or against the following thesis statement:

The CEO of an organization must weigh the concerns and expectations of multiple stakeholders in order to make sound strategic choices.

Keep in mind that stakeholders can include stockholders, regulators, customers, suppliers, employees, environmental groups, the community, news media, and many other groups of individuals that have a stake in the success, operations, or impact of a given organization.

Here is the document:

D'Amato, A., Henderson, S., Florence, S., (2009). Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business: A Guide to Leadership Tasks and Functions. Center for Creative Leadership. Retrieved from: http://www.ccl.org/leadership/pdf/research/CorporateSocialResponsibility.pdf

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