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Youth Crime Prevention Methodology

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What can officers do to be effectively involved in the prevention of delinquent and criminal behavior by youths?

In the saying "it takes a community to raise a child," who are the key players involved in a juvenile's life? Who has the most responsibility for preventing juvenile delinquency? Explain your rationale.

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One thing that officers can do to be effectively involved in the prevention of delinquent and criminal behavior by youths, is to insure that they have a strong presence in neighborhoods that are frequented by youths, or have a large youth population. In this manner, the mere presence of officers would help to curtail or prevent a great deal of delinquency and criminal behavior by the youths within a given neighborhood or environment. In addition, police officers can become involved in promoting youth programs such as sporting activities, and after school homework activity assistance programs, which are methods by which police officers can contribute to helping youth to spend their time constructively, which will go a long way ...

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