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    Personal Ethics and Responsibility in Business Decisions

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    Describe the role of personal ethics and responsibility in business decisions:

    In what ways may an organization be considered citizen?

    How can business decisions affect people outside the operation of the enterprise?

    What motivations of business leaders influence decisions about corporate social responsibility?

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    An organization, as a member of a larger community and region, can be considered a
    citizen in many ways. It makes decisions based on a core set of beliefs or ethics, that
    have an effect on not only its members and investors, but the entire community. The actions
    or decisions made by those governing the organization are based on beliefs that may differ
    from a single executive or decision maker, but reflect the combined beliefs of the organization.
    This is often referred to as corporate culture. Just like other cultures within the community,
    the corporate culture affects how the organization conducts its business with members of
    the community, other businesses and its own members.

    One of the first indications that a corporation should be viewed as a citizen of the
    United States occurred in 1809, when representatives of the United States Circuit Court for the
    District of Georgia seized bullion valued at an amount deemed equivalent to the taxes the
    court claimed the Bank of the United States, of Savannah, Georgia owed in taxes (Harris, 1914).
    An organization pays taxes and must adhere to various laws, just as individual citizens, which is
    another similarity.

    Many business decisions are made using the same criteria as individuals. Financial
    benefit, legality of actions and general well being of the members of the organization are often
    included in the decision making process. In addition, many organizations weight the net
    benefit to the community or the harm a specific decision may bring about to various members
    of the community. Corporate Social Responsibility ...

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