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    Discrimination in the Workplace and Business Ethics

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    I need help constructing a response that demonstrates effective communication skills, research competence, and technology fluency.

    Information to also include: thesis/ or topic statement, body with six or seven paragraphs and conclusion on business ethical issue to do with discrimination in the workplace

    Please send in Word format.

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    We discuss the harmful effects of unethical workplace discrimination. Discrimination has a potential for harming the company in several ways. Ultimately, it adversely affects the profitability of a firm. Several large and multinational firms take special precautions to ensure that their firms are free of discrimination.

    You can develop a topic sentence such as:

    An analysis of unethical discrimination in the workplace reveals one challenge facing companies: discrimination leads to lower competitiveness and productivity.

    Six or seven paragraphs:
    Discrimination in the workplace is unethical. It often begins with racial remarks, smears, and use of epithets of vituperation. Discrimination in the workplace affects the mental and physical health of workers. It leads to frustration, stress, anxiety, depression, nervous attacks, and high blood pressure. Such conditions can lead to heart attacks. Specifically, discrimination in workplace leads to despair, anger, and loss of self-esteem(1). The individual feels isolated and this adversely affects the work environment.

    When there is discrimination in the workplace the employees feel loss of motivation. They feel persecuted and this is immoral. The individual rights get adversely affected. Those who are discriminated against get lower increments, are ...

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    Unethical workplace discrimination is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes a word document and three references.