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    Qantas Airlines-Australia: Information and knowledge management

    Describe Qantas's attitude to information management, what is qantas strategy on knowledge management. Maturity of qantas in terms of KM (sharing,culture trust etc).What is the information syatem and which ones are supportrd by IT Are information systems matched to specific organisational requirements. Can KM/IM be improved?

    Email message to plan interviews with candidates

    I'm planning interviews for 3 candidates and I need to send an email to a group of staff to ask them which date they can meet with the candidates. I need to make it sound very professional. Can I get help on how to start my email and some tips

    Research Applications: Confidence Intervals, & Point Estimates

    Compare and contrast the use of confidence intervals and point estimates in research applications. Which one or both would be more useful in a business setting? Why? What is the most controllable method of increasing the precision (narrowing) of the confidence interval?

    MBA 502- Technology & Change Mgmt (get started)...

    "Get you started" document includes the following sections and info: - Lengthy discussion on "Management Influenced by Information Systems" - Details on "How are Databases Used?" - Detailed information and suggestions for "How are Network Technologies and Internet Used?" - 5 references with citations

    Corporate Compliance: outline a plan to implement enterprise risk management

    Corporate Compliance Report Using your own organization or an organization with which you are familiar, develop a report in which you outline a plan to implement enterprise risk management based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) recommendations. Be sure to cite references and ci

    Central Limit Theorem Proof

    What evidence do we have that the Central Limit Theorem is true? Why do so many of life's events share the same characteristics with Central Limit Theorem? How would you demonstrate the Central Limit Theorem to your classmates?

    Estimating a mean

    Why is the population shape a concern when estimating a mean? What effect does sample size, n, have on the estimate of the mean? Is it possible to normalize the data when the population shape has a known skew? How is the mean related to a confidence interval?

    Performance Evaluation Proposal

    Attached is a created performance evaluation. The next step is to prepare a proposal to senior management recommending adoption of my performance evaluation with implementation strategies. This proposal is to include training needs and how these will be met in order that management and staff are familiarized with the performance

    Board of directors

    What are the major criticisms of board of directors? Which single criticism do you find to be the most important? Why?

    Sunk Cost Irrationality and Irrational Bidding Trap

    Sunk cost irrationality, bidding traps and escalation are common elements of organizational, and especially, group decision making. Imagine that you are the only one that correctly observes that because of sunk cost irrationality regarding prior investments, the organization is getting into an irrational bidding trap. At the sam

    Dollar General uses Control to grow Profits; Teamwork Builds Success at Xerox

    Dollar General uses Control to grow Profits How much profits can be made from selling a product priced at one dollars? For discount stores such as the Dollar General retail chain, the total can add up to billions of dollars-if management keeps a tight rein on operations. Dollars General's CEO, David A. Perdue, Jr., heads a re

    Communicate effectively in a virtual environment

    Based on your understanding of electronically mediated virtual communication, what would you consider to be the most important communication skills managers and their employees need to communicate effectively in a virtual environment?

    Work Philosophies paper

    I need help to write a 1200 word paper analyzing the work philosophies of Turkey and Israel. Please include in the paper at least five considerations such as: Workweek Holidays Perks Retirement Overtime Insurance (health or welfare) Labor Unions/works councils Discipline Termination Thanks, Joe

    Globalizing product-oriented industries

    Would you please help me to answer this with your own opinion. This would help me to learn and understand better. Thank you Question. "Many authorities are convinced that almost all product-oriented industries soon will be global." Do you agree with this suggestion? Why or why not?

    Relative Performance Analysis: Ford Motor Company and Citigroup

    a. Determine the five-year average return for each one of your selected securities. b. Identify the industries of your six selected securities. c. Determine the five-year average return in each of your industries. d. Identify three additional stocks in each industry and determine the five-year average return for each se

    The purpose of managing by walking around is

    The purpose of managing by walking around is to learn more about company operations and see how activities are really being done to gather information and opinions about what is happening, learn what is on people's minds, and see firsthand how well the strategy execution process is proceeding to improve employee relat

    Pert Problem- Completing project between 108 and 120

    A pert project has 45 activities of which 19 are on a critical path. The estimated time for the critical path is 120 days. The sum of all activities variances is 64, while the sum of variances along the activities path is 36. The probability that the project will be completed between 108 and 120 is? 1. -2.0 2. .0227 3. .10

    Pert Problem of Critical Path

    The pert problem shows the estimated time for the critical path to be 108 days with a variance of 64. There is a .90 probability that the project will be completed before? 1. 118 2. 115 3. 109 4. 108 5. 98

    Operations Management and Inventory Plan

    Zhou Bicycle Company, located in Seattle, is a wholesale distributor of bicycles and bicycle parts. Formed in 1991 by University of Washington Professor Yong-Pia Zhou, the firm's primary retail outlets are located within a 400-mile radius of the distribution center. These retail outlets receive the order from ZBC with 2 days aft

    businesses and stakeholders

    Why does a business have a responsibility to community stakeholders in a business-closing decision? Enumerate what you think are the major reasons.

    Trade-offs for plant closings and substantial layoffs

    Identify and discuss briefly what you think are the major trade-offs that firms face as they think about a possible plant closing or substantial layoffs and their responsibility to their employees and the community.

    Specific call center serivce goals

    Setting Service Goals Conduct a research on the following three types of call centers: a. Technical support b. Catalog sales c. Emergency response Prepare a 700+ word paper discussing the different qualitative and quantitative service goals for each type of call center. Also, explain what factors affects each o