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Mock Interview Questions

I am in a human resource class. We are to do mock interviews and ask 5 people the same questions listed below. I only had 4 people willing to respond therefore I have turned to you for help in obtaining the final set of answers I need.

What are your weaknesses?

What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

What courses did you like least? Why.

Describe a leadership role of yours and tell why you committed your time to it?

To what do you owe your present success?

What turns you off?

What are your team-player qualities? Give examples?

What motivates you?

Describe the type of manager you prefer?

Can you work under pressure?

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Weakness: I am introverted and, at times, must be prodded for input. However, I am intelligent and contribute significantly if asked to. I also tend to be a perfectionist and am typically unwilling to ask for assistance. However, given competent help, I am capable of delegation.

Toughest decision: I have two small girls and enjoy spending time with them. The toughest decision I have ever made was going back to Auburn University to get my MBA. I knew it would mean less time with my girls in the short term, but I was willing to trade for the additional average $20,000 annual salary increase it would afford me after a short 2 year investment.

Courses I liked least: I enjoyed public speaking and drama least. I am introverted and do not enjoy giving public demonstrations. As a result, public speaking and drama were my least favorite classes.

Leadership role: I was in charge of a retail location of our firm for 1 year prior to a merger. I was the primary connection between the acquired company and the parent company. I ...

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